Cap Applicator

The cap applicator is constructed as a stand alone unit, so as to allow it to interact with a wide range of Gable Top machinery.



We offer applicators for machines with both single and double lanes and indexing.

  • The core working principles of the Langeveld servo driven cap applicator:
  • The applicator is integrated inside the machine housing, positioned over the conveyor chain, just after the mandrel section.
  • The Langeveld applicator applicator detects the cartons by means  of a set of sensors that activates the cap applicator (the  Langeveld applicator can be deactivated so as to allow the Gable  Top machine to run cartons without cap.)
  • The 4-star wheel of the applicator turns during carton transport  and in one turn positions a cap in two cartons (position 1 and 2, double index) in the conveyor chain. At the same time the other  two legs of the star wheel (position 3 and 4) are positioned to be  reloaded with new caps.
  • Subsequently the two caps (on position 1 and 2) in the carton  are ultrasonically sealed to the carton while simultaneously new caps are loaded to the other two legs (position 3 and 4) of the star wheel.
  • Sealing on position 1 and 2 is carried out by means of 2 ultrasonic welders which are controlled independently and which ensure the no cap or carton, no seal principle. The applicator can also run on 1 lane only. •Above-mentioned steps are repetitive constantly.


The Langeveld cap applicator’s main features:

  • Siemens touch screen control
  • Siemens PLC
  • Festo pneumatics
  • Hopper with shoot/slide for double infeed 1 size cap
  • Bramson ultrasonics
  • Servo drive of movement caps
  • SS cabinets for control and generator
  • Sick sensors
  • SEW motor hopper

The ultrasonic unit checks every seal according to the settings. Whenever an incorrect seal is detected the specific carton will not be filled and blown off the conveyor belt directly after exiting the Gable Top machine. As a result machine stops are prevented as well as preventing incorrectly sealed cartons to enter the downstream packing line thereby maximizes overall efficiency

The maximum speed of the machine is 6000 cartons per hour per line, a total of 12.000 cartons per hour.

The Langeveld applicator comes equipped with a cap hopper/ pre-feeder with blower which can be installed at a distance from the machine. Blower strength is adjustable so as to allow adjustment for variable distances between the feeder and hopper. The unit is fabricated from stainless steel and in accordance with CE regulations.

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